Our Approach

We wanted to share a little about us, our approach to garden design and creating our gardens.

Our passion for gardening is deeply rooted. This started from a very early age and gardening is all we have known. Growing up in a family-run garden centre and being around plants and all things gardening started at a very early age. This association and passion for gardening later developed into specialising in garden design and construction. This practice of garden creation lead to further focus in this process and helped us deliver the best gardens we could, from the small domestic garden to medal-winning large show gardens.


From these early beginnings, we have now developed our own business away from the family tree. Our interests in gardening were definitive but further interest was shown into the design elements of the garden build process.  Additional education was developed in both lower and higher degree levels in design practices which has further supported our approach to creating new gardens.  We have now developed our own business where we specialise purely within the garden design and construction process. This has allowed us to develop and work on some very exciting projects over the past few years.

We enjoy the rewards that gardens have to offer, from the early concepts and the garden design process, or putting the finishing touches to an idea that was dreamt up months before. Gardens when carefully thought-out and constructed can add so much to your home, and these should be a space where you can enjoy through the seasons every year and become one of the most important spaces of your home.

A garden is about the additional space it can give you, however small or seemingly minor your garden may seem. It can be surprising how liberating having your own green space can be, to escape it all or to entertain the masses, a garden should be about a space that means something to you and the ever-changing journey that it brings. We are so pleased to be able to do this as a living and be able to create beautiful gardens centred around you.

Yew Gardens, Afon Gardens, Brynmenyn, South Wales,  CF32 9LN

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