Garden Construction

We take pride in each stage of our projects. We take care from the initial consultations to each stage in the garden construction and continue this care right through to the finishing touches. Our design concepts are meticulously though-out, and we ensure that these concepts are carried though into the finished garden. To achieve this, each stage of the construction is carefully completed with consideration to the final presentation.

Our projects vary in their size and shape, but our approach is always the same. With each phase of the garden construction we ensure that we deliver a garden space that is built to last and true to its design and early concepts.


We ensure the products we use in our projects compliment the space and are of the best quality that we can offer. We partner with many suppliers to accomplish this, with our consideration to these finishes, ensuring that with each stage of the build our focus is on delivering a garden that is of the highest standards and  a space that reflects the garden design.

Yew Gardens

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