Garden Design

We take careful consideration of all our garden designs. We start with the initial consultation with each client to understand what your wishes are and to develop an understanding of what the garden space has to offer.

We start our planning process with the consideration of each client’s wishes. We welcome as much input as possible into the design and discuss ideas and needs during our initial consultation. We also design gardens without any input, and we put as much care and consideration into these as we do with every garden, so some of our clients can leave the entire process to us.

The garden designs we create are scaled drawings. This preparation ensures that the plans we show you are an accurate representation of what can be created in the garden. This careful approach helps us deliver a garden that is accurate to the original concept, along with offering us the ability to give consideration to complete the garden in a timely manner with care given to both the aesthetics and the quality of workmanship delivered.

The presentation of the garden design is done alongside with a full breakdown of the garden works with a quotation that includes all of the works described. Planting and lighting plans can also be created for each design if required.


Our finished plans are presented to our clients along with a full breakdown of works that are required to complete the project. This detail helps us to build complete trust, sharing the information in how the finished garden will look and the process of how these works will be completed.

We ensure that the best practices are used to create a garden that is not only beautiful, but is a space that can be enjoyed for years to come. Each stage of the garden build is undertaken with careful consideration to the design ensuring that the concepts that have been planned  are showcased in the completed project.  

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