Alchemilla Mollis- Adorned In Morning Dew.

Alchemilla Mollis – Lady’s Mantle.

Alchemilla Mollis is one of the unsung heroes in a garden. It is superb for filling your garden borders and hiding any unwanted gaps. A. mollis is a herbaceous perennial that forms clumps of soft and hairy, light green leaves with almost maple-like shapes. It has small, bright yellow/green flowers are on show in large sprays just above the foliage from around June to September and if you cut back the flower heads in August, it will often produce a second flush of flowers – what’s not to like. Well, one thing to keep in mind, it will like to self-seed quite freely, but if you remove the seed head carefully this can be minimised.

I absolutely love this plant, the foliage on it has a tendency to catch water and decorate itself with jewel-like droplets.


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