Garden Path.


A garden path is very important to your relationship and journey through a garden. There are many different types of a garden path, in shape, materials used and deciding on where you want it to take you. It can be meandering and narrow forcing you to slow down and to manoeuvre your way through the garden to pass areas of interest. A garden path can also be straight and wide, creating a formal appearance, also allowing you to to move through the garden with ease.

When planning this garden, the path was one of the defining elements of the overall design. It was the first pencil marks in the design process, and we planned the garden layout around it. The centre of the garden is made apparent by the tree and planting section in which the path splits and takes you around. The central planting section with the tree acts to slow down your journey and stops the eye looking directly through the entire garden, almost forcing your focus to the planting that surrounds the space.

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