Veronica – Tissington White.


Veronica Gentianoides – Tissington White.


These Veronica ‘Tissington White’ look beautiful this time of year.  They have been planted in the centre of the garden under the Hawthorn tree. They are planted amongst four box plants that will be clipped later in the year and will form the structure in this area, while the veronica’s offer a more naturalising element to the centrepiece of the garden.

These Veronica’s forms a dense mat of thick, dark green foliage, from which tall spires of lightly coloured flowers appear in early in the summer and can go on flowering into August. These are a magnet for bees which is a huge bonus for any garden, and they look great growing among other perennials at the front of a mixed herbaceous border.


They have been very happy situated in the gravel, and the soil is quite poor underneath but has been improved with some general garden compost. These have really filled this space within 2 seasons. Once they have finished flowering they still offer interest with their greens spikes offering a structural element similar to that of the alliums around the garden. Whether on accident or by genius design, the flower on the Veronica is very similar to the flower that is on the hawthorn tree and both look so pretty – Deservedly the centrepiece in this garden.
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