Purple & Green.


Complimenting Colours.


The planting scheme in this garden is quite limited. We have chosen to use lots of green, with purple and whites throughout. We have purposely limited the variety of plants and used multiples of each species to create a continuity and plant theme that works and feels natural. The plants that have been used are Hornbeam, Buxus, Yew, Viburnum, Geranium, Euphorbia, Allium, along with English Rose – Claire Austin and Wisteria.
The Hornbeam, Buxus, Yew and Viburnum have been used primarily for the structure and height in the garden. We plant structural plants first when forming a garden to better understand the original plant designs along with the relationship between them.
After this, we then focus on the plants that would fill the spaces and give some of the colour and naturalising. For this, we usually plant a mixture of perennials and evergreens such as Geranium, Euphorbia, Allium, and Roses.
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