Garden Steps. Almost Complete, Just A Few Finishing Touches To Go.

Garden Steps.
We have been putting a few finishing touches to these garden steps on this garden project. The steps in the garden lead to a lower part of the garden that has been excavated to offer a sunken seating area. Sitting in this area will offer a unique perspective of the rest of the garden. It has been designed so that it would allow a different perspective of the planting in the higher section, and offer more privacy from the neighbouring houses.
The path and steps in the garden have a close relationship with the house. The brickwork was specially matched to that of the house and the stone used for the steps is a continuation of the seating area on the top level. The patio doors and the front door are central to the house, and the garden was designed with this aspect in mind. When you walk through the front door, you will be able to see through the hallway, all the way through the garden with the view leading the eye to the hawthorn tree at the centre of the garden.
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