Green – My Favourite Colour.

Green Garden.
Green is truly the dominant colour palette of most gardens, and very much so in my own. I try to use it as much as possible in any planting scheme. It’s my favourite colour and has so much variety, even within the same plant during the four seasons you can get a huge variety of colour green.  At this time of year, everything is starting to sprout up, and put on a show in the garden and remind you how alive your garden actually is after the long winter months. My own garden is still young, but there are signs of things to come over the following years. At this stage of the planting life, the garden will still look new, but within a couple of years, it will be hard to put an age to the garden.
We have used Buxus for most of the structure in the garden along with Hornbeam. The Buxus has been used to line the garden path and the hornbeam to add height and privacy towards the back and side fo the garden. We will prune both of these in early June and again in early September, just after the first growth and main summer growth respectively. Within a couple of years, this will form and become a key structure and feature of the garden.
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